Last Saturday, my mother and I decided to spent our Saturday afternoon browsing around Downtown Oakville.

Downtown Oakville has always been my go to place whenever I have needed a break. The place is a perfect mixture of everything. From delicious restaurants and gelato ice creams to gorgeous trails and scenic view of the lakeshore from the shore, Downtown Oakville has it all. When I was living in Oakville, I’d often come here after school or work and just let loose. I’d often sit by the lighthouse by the lake and just take in the beauty of the place.

Now, that I have moved on to other places, I still visit this solace of a place, I once called home.

Downtown Oakville

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downtown oakvilleoakville downtownoakville




We walked arounddowntown for a bit and then decided to treat ourselves at the most authentic Italian place I’ve been to, 7 Entoteca. The food was absolutely delicious and savouring! Despite being full, I kept on going hehe. 

All in all, we had an amazing time back in Downtown Oakville!

downtown oakville

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