Pompeii, Sorrento, Italy


Capri Island, Italy


Toledo, Spain


Alhambra, Granada, Spain


Exploring Allan Gardens: Exterior

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This is a second (albeit super late) post to the tiny series of Allan Gardens. The architecture is huge as you can see and has been worked on repeatedly over the years.

On this particular day, I remember it was extremely hot and humid. I could barely breathe! Ah! I miss summer now! Its funny how cathartic it can be browsing old pictures, wrapping your head around them and trying to write about that particular time in the past. It is rather strange, I admit.

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Exploring Allan Gardens: The Interior

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It makes me so happy when I stumble upon hidden gems in the city. Last semester when I was taking a drawing class, my professor brought us to this place to study the plants and create a series of drawings of both the architecture of the place as well as its inhabitants. It was the first time I ever set foot in this place and oh my was I enchanted.

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New Italian Favourite: Sud Forno on Queen St.

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For those of you who don’t know, I am a big foodie! Food is honestly my most favourite source of joy and I am not even exaggerating, not even a tiny bit! Thus, I usually dedicate my weekends finding places that bring tremendous joy to my tummy and allow me to try something new. Last weekend, my dear friend and I went to Sud Forno, a cute, Italian Terroni cafe located on  Queen St.

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soul searching

The Power of Soul Searching // Cherry Hill Gate, Burlington

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This summer has been, by far, the most productive and super eventful season. The best part is that I got to collaborate with some very talented individuals within my circle and got the chance to bond with them on a deeper level. There is no other feeling that’s as satisfying as the one you get when you’re aggressively working towards your goals while making quality, lasting relationships with the ones you meet along the way.

Power of Soul Searching & When To Know You Need a Break

I recently took a month long break from work and thus, have been doing a lot of soul searching lately (when am I not?) and it continues to be such a refreshing lifestyle choice. The more I explore myself, the more I realize how little I knew about myself when I started. Not only has this helped me make better life choices, but it has helped me become more and more happy with my own being and thus, life!

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bluffers park

Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough, a small strip of Paradise.

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Yesterday, my mother and I decided last minute to visit the wonderful, paradise-like Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough. Last time I went there it was back in 2012 and I was completely blown away.

Ever since, I always wanted to go back but since its such a gorgeous site to see it is always packed and the parking is a nightmare. Regardless, we decided to drive up there and despite having to struggle for half an hour to find a parking spot, it was a nice Saturday spent at the park.

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distillery district

Toronto City Guide: the Distillery District

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Last Sunday, my friends and I visited the historic district of Toronto, the Distillery District. It wasn’t my first time, I’ve been to this area on several occasions and I’ve loved it every single time I’ve been there.

What I truly love about this magnetic place is its aura with which it touches the soul. As soon as you enter the realm you can immediately feel the history of the place. In fact, what truly impresses me is the perfect marriage of modernity and history of this magnificent place. With its industrial exteriors and soft interiors, the Distillery District never fails to stir my emotions. Being an old soul, I’ve always enjoyed strolling around the place, visiting vintage stores, getting fresh baked cone of gelato or getting a nice glass of wine at one of its awesome restaurants while pondering away in my mind.

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